Acceptance, the Deepest Desire of Human Race…. 

Forever A Myth.Β 

Dear BestFriend, 

Thank you for leaving me. 

Thankyou for setting youself free from the imprisonment of the love of our friendship. 

Because I know what it feels like. 

I know what it feels like to be caged in your love. 

And knowing you as a person, I know you would never be able to live caged. 

And every morning I try to be like you. 

I try to be free and fly,  but in vain..

Try to fly away from you.. 

To fly, to what makes me happy.. 

Forgetting that my search for happiness will bring me back to you.. 

Dear BestFriend, 

Thankyou for teaching me the most important lesson of my life.. 

Forever A ‘Myth’ . 


I promised her we will last forever…
She in turn asked me for a promise.

A promise which was the most difficult to keep..

She asked me to promise to let her go..

She asked me to promise that I would move on..

She asked me to promise that no matter what I’ll never look back

She asked me to promise that I would keep only this promise and none other.


​It’s been a month since I’ve had no contact with her. Something which seemed impossible is happening. No texting , no calling , no stalking, nothing. But if I say ‘no missing’ then I’ll be lying to my self.

Here are a list of things which I always wanted to tell her.

But now??


Anyway . I can post it here and hope she reads someday..
1)I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

2)I love your smile and I’ll do crazy things to put a smile on your face.

3)I envy all those who can keep u happier than me.

4)I don’t like it when u wear revealing clothes. Even if its just sleeveless. That doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop you from wearing what you like.

5)I find you the prettiest in Hijab.

6)I’ve never lust you .

7)I’ve always dreamt of spending a night with you. No. Not sex. Talking the entire night, playing ludo , listening to music, pillow fights, cuddles and hugs πŸ™‚

8)I don’t like it when your mom keeps too little trust on me.

9) I have and will always choose your happiness over mine.

10) I cry when ever I write about you. I write about you very often.

11) When ever I am having an amazing time, I wish you were there along with me. 

12) During family functions, I wish you would tag along. I’ll be proud to introduce you to my frnds nd family.

13) I miss your good mornings nd good nights.

14) Your smile can turn a crapy day amazing.

15) I love ur pictures. Ugly or beautiful. I just love them.

16) You not being there in my life makes me feel I am unworthy.

17) There are a million occasions when I’ve felt like kissing you.

18) I had planned our future together.

19) Unlike many people who say they don’t know when they fell in love, I know when did it happen. 

20) I loved it wen I asked u to stop looking at a random guy in the mall and u immediately turned towards me, smiled and said you won’t. 

21) I love when I talk dirty nd then u blush.

22) I love how you are simple and yet so classy at the same time.

23) I’ve Never heard a voice sweeter than yours.

24) I really really miss talking to you.

25) Every time you’re hurt. I am more hurt than you.

26) Love how every time I am able to read what’s in your heart.

27) Love how I am able to figure out when u lie to me .

28) Thank you for trusting me always.

29) I feel so good when u share all ur big and small secrets with me. Shows how much u trust me.

30) Love how you’ve respected me always.

31) It is really easy for me to talk to you no matter what the topic is about.

32) I love when u get angry and upset for silly reasons.

33) I want to hold your hand in public while v r walking.

34) I want to protect u from all sorrows.

35) It hurts when I see you cry.

36) Going away from u hurts. Isn’t easy for me.

37) I pray for you everyday.

38) It hurt when ur mom thought that in the end I’ll think only about myself and you said your mom was right.

39) With you I feel confident. Without u , insecure.

40) I love texting you while pooping.

41) Love when there are articles about best friends and we perfectly fit in.

42) I want to go on my knees in front of you and say Lovey Dovey things to you.

43) I love your feet. Yes I’ve noticed.

44) I notice you a lot more than u can ever imagine.

45) I cry wen u cry.

46) When there’s a special occasion in ur life, even I dress well that day.

47) You’re the most important lady in my life.

48) I love your childlike nature. People think it’s childish. I knw it is childlike.

49) Crazy fan of ur innocence.

50) I am the happiest when you’re happy.

51) When ever I feel I am falling out of love with you, I see you smile and back to square one.

52) When you are angry you say words which hurt. Harsh words. Be careful, someday you’ll loose someone special in your life due to it.

53) No one else can ever understand you as much as I do.

54) When u held my hand during the horror movie. I wished the movie would never end.

55) I love to eat or drink something which u just did.

56) While I was driving nd u wer seated behind. I wished that u would stick to me a little more.

57) When I was seated behind you and you wer driving, you spoke a lot. I listened to nothing. Was all lost in your fragrance. What perfume was that man !!!

58) After your bday I realised that I am no special in your life. You’ve a hundreds of others like me. But its the magic in you which makes me feel special. It’s the magic in you which makes everyone, anyone related to you feel that they’re special.

59) It’s been more than six months since I’ve watched a movie. The one which I watched with you was my last.

60) I try avoiding to pass by your collg. I miss You too much then.

61) I work too much. Always try to keep myself occupied. Bcz when I am idle, I miss you .

62) Every Sunday morning I visit places which we visited together. Alone. Sit there and think about us for sometime.

63) I left social media, not because of my insecurities as u think. I left because I detached myself to the outer world. I left because I wanted no one to come and tell u hurtful things because of me. I left because I knew I had you and so I wouldn’t be needing more friends. Now that you’ve left as well. I feel lonely.

64) I maintain a distance from you because your mom had to hear so much from someone because of me. You where too hurt that day. I cannot see you getting hurt. 

65) I like when u wear traditional clothes.

66) I love seeing straight into your eyes.

67) Just seeing you makes my day.

68) Love how you’re honest with me about anything and everything.

69) When I told you I’ve moved on, Lie. I miss you.

Love You. xo


For the first time I am a little nervous while writing. Religion is always a very sensitive topic to write on. 

These are my personal views. If it contradicts to yours and if I am hurting ur sentiments by any means then please do forgive me for that. No hard feelings

So today I go for picking up my niece from the madrasa (religious school)

Once upon a time evn I used to study there. I was horrible at it. Done my 2nd twice . 3rd twice , yet failed.

Okay. Soo ..

I had reached there 10 mins earlier and was waiting right outside her classroom. I never keep my Cutie waiting 😘

The bell rings and all the children rush out of the classroom. My eyes only searching for her. And then I see her coming running towards me. 

I ask her about her day at school . While I was talking to her I notice that one little boy was still sitting inside the classroom writing notes and weeping. 

I go up to him and talk to him. He tells me, the teacher had punished him and asked his parents to come and meet the teacher.

Talking to the teacher I came to know that the boy hadn’t been bringing his subject books since three classes to the school. And hence he was given a writing pusnishment and asked to stay after the class. Detention for a Nine year old ?

Doesn’t sound right to me.

I try talking to the teacher. 

Convincing her that the boy was too young . Too innocent for any sort of punishments. This is not going to help him in any way but only leave a black Mark on his childhood memories.
The teacher told me that , it was necessary to do this. Otherwise the boy will never learn about the religion. The word of God and learning how to read the holy books.
Then there is  The Grand entry of the little boy’s Cool DAD .

He comes running and screaming so as to his child had committed a murder .

Tells the teacher it must be his boy’s fault. He is always upto some mischief.

Teacher felt the same.

Everyone around felt, that what was happening, was right.

I did not.

The boy still weeping.

Imagine what his self esteem and self confidence would be going through .

I wanted to tell The Cool Dad 2 things.

Firstly, coming late to pick up ur son is completely uncool. You’re never going to teach him punctuality in all your life. 

Actions speak louder than words. If you know πŸ™‚

Secondly, if your son does not bring his subject books to class everyday. It is ur responsibility to have a check over it.

I stayed quite but.

Everyone felt it was the Boy’s fault.

I was very uncomfortable with these thoughts in my head the whole day.

How many times do we choose Religion over Humanity?

I am sure, if I ask people to make a choice between what’s greater,  a Holy Book or a Human then most of them would say undoubtedly The Holy Book.

But if that was the case, after creating this world wouldn’t have God sent the Holy books first and then sent us to the earth?

But it was the other way round. He sent us first. He loves us the most. Nothing makes him more happier than you taking care of a fellow being. 

That is why the holy books were sent after us. Only because we as humans can live a better life.

And yeah..

I’ve seen people doing things.

and say I am doing this for God.

Shaving my head Bcz God wants me to.

Not going to eat for 3 days to make God happy.

Going to walk barefoot to make God happy.

Won’t wear revealing clothes so that God doesn’t get upset with me.

Grow up Bro !

You and I. 

He and She.

Him and Her.

Each of us .

We are the most valuable .

The most valuable to Him.

So the next time u see a fellow being in trouble, help him..

Bcz no matter who he is. No matter what he looks like. No matter what work he does. He is the most valuable. To HIM

‘Where there is religion there is very little space for humanity 

And where there is humanity , there is no need of religion’ πŸ™‚